Hair Stylist
Dez has been a hair stylist for 9 years with 3 of them at Amenities. She is a Master Educator. "I enjoy the fact that I get to make guests feel and look their best every day. I am able to be creative and also offer my professional advice and opinions.." "Educating guests on how to maintain the services I've given is a big deal and goes a long way." I get to work beside my coworkers and friends and am constantly learning from them. "I am happy to be working in a high scale salon that keeps challenging me to always do my best. The camaraderie the team offers is unparalleled to others. Working for a corporation that actually takes the time and care into each product, making sure it is both functional and environmentally friendly is very important. Customizable hair color is key for creating "ones" color." "I pride myself in educating my guests on what would make their overall time at Amenities an exceptional experience. My guest’s happiness and confidence is what my services are about."